Oleander Activities in the MENA Region

Dear UME Community,

I just returned from Morocco where I was truly inspired by the work of our Oleander Initiative alumni.  Less than four months after they left Hiroshima, Brahim, Layla and Samia are already spreading the message of the Oleander Iniative far and wide in their schools and communities. 

My first stop was in Marrakesh where Brahim organized a "Hiroshima Peace Day" for over 60 of his students. In Casablanca, Layla and Samia conducted a teacher training for 54 Moroccan teachers on how to implement Oleander inspired lesson plans in their classrooms. 


"Hiroshima Peace Day" in Marrakesh 

Brahim, a 2016 Oleander participant, gathered over 60 high school students for a "Hiroshima Peace Day"in Marrakesh, Morocco. This conference featured peace education activities and student directed drama plays around the theme of peace and nuclear weapons.

In an amazing constellation of cultural influences, these thoughtful and creative plays featured the 1945 atomic bombing of Hiroshima, and also tackled contemporary issues of conflict and violence within the MENA region. 

  An old man tells his grandchildren about Hiroshima                                                     An "angel of peace" halts violence in the MENA region 

To view scenes from these student directed dramas, as well as other Oleander based educational activities in Marrakesh, please click HERE



"Peace ELT Practices" Train the Trainer Workshop in Casablanca

Layla from Tunisa and Samia from Morocco had great success in implementing their Oleander lesson plans within their classrooms this fall.  In December, Layla and Samia shared their unique lesson plans with 54 Moroccan teachers during a day long teacher training workshop in Casablanca

Samia presenting her educational activity based on the story of Sadako and the 1,000 paper cranes  

This full day workshop provided 54 English teachers with practical, readily implementable lesson plans utilizing the bombing of Hiroshima as a teaching platform for peace education and conflict resolution. With an average of over 250 students per teacher, Layla and Samia's teacher training has the potential to impact over 13,500 students. 

To view the full training sesssion, complete with Hiroshima-based lesson plans click HERE

Many thanks to BrahimSamia and Layla for their fantastic work!

Best Wishes,

Ray Matsumiya

Executive Director

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